Ten Good Years for WordPress

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What a milestone! WordPress has made it to a decade and I hope they continue running strong for many years to come. When I first thought about blogging I looked long and hard for a good blogging platform. Since I am a bit of a control freak and like to get myself into trouble dabbling with code tweaks and the freedom to choose themes and plugins as I see fit a self-hosted WordPress installation has always been the best bet for me. My installation and hosting has evolved over the years from several individual installs for each subdomain to one network install which holds all my subdomains. I can’t believe I’ve been with WordPress for 7 of it’s 10 years in existence.

If anyone out there is still on Blogger, Joomla or WordPress.com I highly recommend moving to a self-hosted WordPress install. The only cost you really have in the beginning is your hosting. WP is so customizable and has so many options that aren’t available on WordPress.com that you can practically get a more robust and fully featured WP system for just the cost of hosting. If you are able to afford premium themes and custom artwork then all the better. It’s so much easier to make the system all your own.

Congratulations WordPress on ten totally awesome years!

It’s been ten years since we started this thing, and what a long way we’ve come. From a discussion between myself and Mike Little about forking our favorite blogging software , to powering 18% of the web. It’s been a crazy, exciting, journey, and one that won’t stop any time soon. At ten years, it’s fun to reflect on our beginnings. We launched WordPress on 27th May 2003, but that wasn’t inception. Go back far enough, and you can read a post by Michel Valdrighi who, frustrated by the self-hosted blogging platforms available, decided to write his own software; “b2, a PHP+MySQL alternative to Blogger and GreyMatter.” b2 was easy to install, easy to configure, and easy for developers to extend. Of all the blogging platforms out there, b2 was the right one for me: I could write my content and get it on the web quickly and painlessly. Sometimes, however, life gets in the way. In 2002, Michel stopped maintaining b2. Over time, security flaws became apparent and updates were needed and, while the b2 community could write patches and fixes, no one was driving the software forward. We were lucky that Michel decided to release b2 under the GPL; the software may have been abandoned, but we weren’t without options. A fork was always a possibility. That was where it stood in January 2003, when I posted about forking b2 and Mike responded . The rest, as they say, is history. From the very beginning to the present day, I’ve been impressed by the thought, care, and dedication that WordPress’ developers have demonstrated. Each one has brought his or her unique perspective, each individual has strengthened the whole. It would be impossible to thank each of them here individually, but their achievements speak for themselves. In WordPress […]

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