New Things for the New Year

photo credit: Mexicanwave via photopin cc

photo credit: Mexicanwave via photopin cc

After several years of trying to maintain 5 blogs in the Earthformed Network I’ve decided to reign in my writing responsibilities for the coming new year. We Are Earthformed has always been the flagship, my baby, because it was the first. You’ll notice little by little that the content from Casa Guanajuato Reviews, La Comida De Mi Vida and Dig The Earth will become part of this blog. Each content stream will be maintained as a themed column of this blog, but you won’t have to travel back and forth throughout the blogosphere to find them like you did before.

This has not been an easy decision. It’s going to take a lot of work. In the end though it will add to a more rounded content complement for this blog and it will be easier to fit articles of all types and topics into what is to be more of a magazine or newspaper type of layout. I hope you enjoy this change and find the additional content inviting.

As always you’ll be able to find giveaways, family friendly product reviews, recipes and cooking ideas, and gardening articles. I believe it will be easier to focus on my writing since I’ll be reducing redundancy of maintenance and marketing tasks. Even though I’ve been blogging for several years it wasn’t until this year that I realized how exhausting and sometimes tedious the job of promotion can be. I know for sure this is one reason some of my blogs, and other offline tasks, were neglected.

Are there topics you’d like to read about? What is your passion?

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