Shopping for a Wedding Should Be Joyful

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photo credit: nick see via photopin cc
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Having two girls the thought of what things will be like in 15 to 20 years when they get married (if they decide to) how crazy it’ll be shopping for a wedding, planning venues, dates, parties, the wedding dress, brides maids dresses, flower girl dress, flowers, food, etc., etc. OH and of course a dress for me.  I remember when I was planning my wedding my mom offered to make my dress for me.  At first we tried to go shopping for something I’d like that wouldn’t take too much to alter, but we couldn’t find any suitable option.  I know it was stressful for mom to make the pattern based on my measurements and make sure everything was ready for the big day.  It was also a lot of fun helping her sew on the lace and bead work along with my aunt who came to visit from Mexico to be in my wedding.  One thing she left to the very last minute was a dress for herself.  She wasn’t going to have time to make anything and little time to alter a new outfit so she was fit to be tied.

We shopped every department store, bridal shop and even thrift store we could think of within a hundred mile radius.  It seemed impossible to find a cheap mother of the bride dress that was also attractive.  Most of them were simply sacks with a little bit of lace and beads and a boxy jacket that made my otherwise petite and shapely mother look like an old hag with no curves at all.  I don’t remember exactly where we found her dress, but she did find a navy blue floor length gown with a cute bolero.  Actually,  11 years later when my younger brother got married she wore the same dress.  She did embellish the jacket with some more bead work and it looked lovely.  I’m actually happy she returned the dress she’d initially chosen because another friend of the bride’s family came with the same dress!

Though I have at least 15 years to practice right now I’m no where near as gifted in the dressmaking trade as my mother is.  I know my girls and I will be hitting the stores, online and off, trying to find the perfect wedding, bridesmaids, and mother-of-the-bride dress when the time comes.  My hope is that the process will be more joyful than stressful.

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