Santa Medical #ReUseTanCarbonElectrodePads 4″x2″ & 2″x2″ Review

SantaMedicalCollageA while back I did a review for a TENS massager which I really like and still use today.  Thanks to Santa Medical I received complimentary replacement electrodes to try out with my TENS unit.  They sent me 8 each of the 4″x2″ and 2″x2″ reusable Tan Carbon Electrode Pads.

The larger size makes it easier to treat a larger area with one pad.  The 4″ x 2″ pads were really useful for the lower back and the larger muscles of the calf and thighs.  I was able to treat my hip area and the tops of my knees (which were aching from too many squats) at the same time.  The premium gel seemed to be a little more sticky that the gel on the standard electrode pads. Having the gel already applied negates the use of another gel adhesive.  They are also easy to clean with  just a few drops of water and your finger tips.

  • Non Irritating to Skin
  • Use for TENS, IF, Muscle Stimulator and more
  • Flexible solid-carbon electrode pad for maximum charge delivery and comfort
  • Re-useable Gel, Tan Cloth backing for comfort and flexibility

The SantaMedical 4″x2″ and 2″x2″ replacement, reusable tan electrode pads are available on Amazon.

I received complimentary samples for the purpose of review.  No other compensation was received.

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