Merlot Cache Alaska Wool Ski Hat Review #alaskastyle

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We want to go skiing. All through our daughters’ break from school we waited and waited for snow to come. Our hopes were dashed as temperatures stayed above 40 and no snow fell. Things are different now but it is too stinking cold with temperatures below 0F and biting winds for extensive outdoor activities.


What a beautiful day! You can’t really go skiing when there’s no snow on the ground :D.

Even though we haven’t had ski-worthy weather that hasn’t kept me from keeping warm and looking stylish in my new wool ski hat from Cache Alaska. I received it as a complimentary sample in exchange for my honest review. I couldn’t be happier with it’s look and warmth. Typically, I steer clear of wool because it makes me itch something fierce. The Cache Alaska hat is soft too the touch and thankfully lined around the rim with fleece that not only adds warmth, but keeps the wool from touching my skin directly.

I have a rather large noggin with a hat size of about 7 3/8. This makes it hard to find hats of any kind that fit my head comfortably especially over my mane of hair too. This one not only fit without overstretching or binding, but it extended low enough on my head to cover my ears and most of my forehead. The fit is nice and snug. It’s cute as can be too!

It is soft and not too bulky. It folds up nicely to fit in the pocket of my winter jacket just in case I need it. I had a chance to wear it the end of December while on a nature walk at a local wildlife preserve. We didn’t remember how long the walk was, but at least we came prepared with warm hats and gloves. The hat kept my ears warm and fit nicely under my jacket hood when the wind started blowing and I needed extra coverage.

My girls love the hat too. The are always fighting over who gets to wear it next! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they look adorable in it too.

The wool Cache Alaska Ski Beanie is available on Amazon. I received the Merlot (pink) for review, but you can also buy it in Blue, Light Blue, Purple and White.

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