#Asana Beauty Lash Enhance Growth Serum Review

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Thanks to Asana Beauty I was given the opportunity to try out their Lash Enhance Serum as a complimentary sample for the purposes of review.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts before the beginning of December I noticed that my lashes were starting to fall out in clumps and were super short.  I stopped wearing any eye makeup altogether just to give them a chance to rest.  Thankfully, along those last six weeks I’ve been approved for several lash enhancement serum reviews, this being one.

The reason I’m happy to try out so many different ones is because not all serums are created equal.  Some may help produce softer and less brittle lashes, but discolor your eyelids or not increase growth.  Others may cause eye burning or itching or even swelling of the eyelid.  You have to decide for yourself what is the price you would pay for beauty.


I only had a few weeks to try out this formula.  First impressions usually mean a lot.  The applicator was simple and looked like a liquid eyeliner brush.  This made the serum very easy to apply to clean eyelids.  The serum itself was a little more thick than others I’ve tried.  Not goopy, but it didn’t drip so easily off the end of the brush, felt like it went on thick and very wet, took a while to absorb and then left a slightly oily residue on the lash line.  The oiliness was a bit of a turnoff because it relegated it’s use to only nighttime.  Trying to use it under makeup turned out to be a disaster with mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow starting to run and dissolve into raccoon eyes in only a matter of hours.  Plus, it made it difficult for the lashes to hold their curl.

Also, I noticed that within 20 minutes or so of application the urge to scratch my eyes was intense, but it subsided within a few hours.  When you are trying to grow eyelashes putting any kind of excess strain on the lash line is a big no-no.  Not everyone will have the same reaction I’m sure.  Gladly, I didn’t notice any swelling or discoloration of the eyelids or iris or any intense irritation of the eye itself.

The verdict for me is this eye lash serum will only be used at night before going to bed.  Hopefully, this will prevent me from experiencing the irritations and still seeing the benefits of long term use.  The Asana Lash Enhancement Growth Serum is available on Amazon and at a price less than $20 per tube is one of the most reasonably priced I’ve ever tried.

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