#NewTypeC Tenswall Nylon Braided Type C Cable

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Just like all technology even our cabling is improving.  Thanks to Tenswall I received a 3.3 Foot Nylon Braided Type C Cable for review. The cable is very substantial and high quality; feels like it would stand up to abuse and reuse for a long time.  The aluminum housing for the cable ends is sturdy.  At 3.3 feet the cable is about the industry standard length for charging/data cables so you won’t be able to span long distances with it.  The USB type A will fit into a standard USB port on a computer, laptop, network hub or charging adapter.  What makes the Type C cable nice is that you don’t have to orient it a specific way for it to fit into the port – with a reversible-plug connector it’s never upside down. Make sure your device is compatible with the Type C cable before you go out and buy one.  Alternatively, if you are searching for a new or replacement device you may want to consider upgrading to one that accommodates a Type C reversible-plug connector for charging and data transfer for it’s speed, security and durability.


From the manufacturer:

USB-C to USB 3.1 A Cable
This is the future of USB connectivity.The Cable is creating a USB Type-C plug to a USB 3.1 Type-A Plug assembly, use a resistor of value 56kΩ as a pull-up on CC (configuration channel).

Intelligent identification of fast charging technology,to enhance the output voltage of the charger to support Max 3.0 A current charging and the speed of data sync up to 10 Gbps.

Use 9 Pin wire connection,the red/black power wire is enough large copper wire (7*1.1).
There are 3 groups totally 6*data transmission wire inside. And each group have the Shield protection layer to Make sure the hi-speed of data sync up to 10 Gbps without interfering

Braided nylon jacket and aluminum housing
More durable and very sturdy

Reversible Connectors
Thanks to USB-C’s new user-friendly design, insert the cable connectors the right way, every time.

Compatible Devices:
Apple MacBook (12 inch, 2015)
Google ChromeBook Pixel (2015)
Nexus 5X
Nexus 6P
Nokia N1 Tablet
Letv Xiaomi Huawei 2015 Type-C Devices and more

Do you own a Type C device?

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