#EmeraldBONL Hydration Bladder Review

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Thanks to Emerald I received a BONL Hydration Bladder for outdoor activity for the purposes of review.


From the Manufacturer:


Emerald holds water as much as 3 litre / 100 oz. Reservoir is built with advanced Microban technology material, so as to eliminate the growth of microorganism, including bacteria, mould, etc. The interior surface was processed with GlassAS technology to create extreme smoothness, preventing lime or microbial from adhesion. To promote reliability, we adopt high-strength 0.6mm PEVA layer to construct this bladder. Moreover, the edges are seamed with dual-soldering technique, to ensure outstanding sturdiness, durablity and abrasion-endurance.

Drinking Tube

Length of 105cm / 3.4 ft. Selflock tube connector allows you to attach/detach the tube with spilling water out. This is a very convenient design. Plus this tube is covered in military grade insulation cover with fixed rubber bind in both ends. The most well made tube for hydration system, ever.

Mouth Piece

Anti-microbial, taste-free, high-flow. Lock to stop leaking. Comes with a dust cover.

Dual Opening

Designed for different demands, high performance guaranteed in any condition and situation. Screw cap with handle for easy refilling. Wide opening for convenient rinsing, drying, ice-adding.

All parts are made of foodgrade material. BPA free. FDA and SGS certificate.

I’m really excited to use this on our cross country camping trip this summer. We’ll be visiting several national parks across the central and North Central US as a family. This is our first true family vacation ever in 16 years of marriage and 10 years with our kiddos. The girls are finally old enough to remember where we go and what we do so we are slowly amassing all our gear for the trip. Adequate hydration is always a serious matter to tend to when going on hikes, biking tours or really long walks.

This is going to come in handy on our Great American Road Trip this summer where we will visit and take day hikes at the Wisconsin Dells‬, Black Hills‬Badlands‬, ‪‎Glacier National Park‬, Yellowstone National Park‬ and other cool places along the way. Making sure we have enough ‪‎water is always a concern because we never know exactly how long we’ll be walking or what the weather will be. We need to make sure we all have plenty to drink to prevent dehydration. Wish we would have had something like this sooner.

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