Suuchi Custom Made Circle Infinity Scarf Review

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The circle scarf like all the other items on their fashion website are custom made in the fabrics you desire. They are assembled by skilled seamstresses in their New Jersey facility. Yes, they are made in the USA.

To purchase your own Custom Circle Scarf from Suuchi visit their website and find menu item Accessories and then Circle Scarf for $40. They have many different custom designed styles of dresses, blouses, pants, jackets and skirts for work or casual wear as well – custom made to your measurements and in the fabrics of your choice.

Receiving this scarf opened me up to a whole new world of accessorizing which had so often intimidated me before. Now I find myself looking for new ways to wear the scarf (I’m sure there are TONS more than I’ve shown here) and more scarves in different colors. The circle scarf from Suuchi is almost a total of 10 feet long at 116 inches. This extra long scarf allows you to use it in many different configurations. There were a few I didn’t show on the youtube review video, because well, I really didn’t think they looked nice on me. That shouldn’t stop you from trying them though. Here is a list:

  • Over the shoulder (basic scarf)
  • Double tier
  • Triple tier
  • Quadruple tier
  • Slip knot (long end laced through short end – beginning of the Pretzel)
  • Pretzel
  • Double tier snood
  • Triple tier snood
  • Halter top
  • Bow
  • Tie knot
  • Belted bow
  • Single shoulder Sash
  • Vest
  • Cumberbund

The fabric I chose was a combination of my fashion needs and also advice from my seamstress mother.  Much of my clothing has patterns so I needed to find a fabric pattern or color which would compliment a wide range of colors.  I didn’t want to go with basic black or flat white so I searched their catalog of colors and the reviews of other bloggers who had received a Suuchi scarf and came upon one called Grey December Love.  This lovely shimmery grey stretch lace fabric makes for a lightweight and versatile accessory for the majority of the items in my wardrobe.  It goes with all my black and white clothing, but as shown in my YouTube video it goes well with my patterned shirts as well.  Something about wearing the scarf always made me feel more put together.

The advice my mom gave me was to select a fabric that was lightweight because even lighter fabrics will retain heat and make you sweaty when you move around a lot.  From that I figured the lighter the better.  I’m so glad I did heed that advice because I experienced this first hand one day that I went to volunteer at the school a few weeks ago. Instead of helping the kids with their reading projects I was helping them decorate life size cutouts of some of the faculty and staff for the pep rally the next day.  OMG, I had no idea I was going to get an aerobic workout that day.  I’m just glad I had a lightweight scarf instead of the thicker fabrics since I was wearing it the whole morning.

The scarf looks so lovely with my dresses for church.  I’m not one who is much for accessorizing so it was kind of fun to try wearing this scarf in different ways.

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