#BetanatureVitaminCSerum Review

This post contains affiliate links.  Product was provided for the purposes of #review.

20160218_141030It’s rare that I receive a product free for review that I really don’t like. Unfortunately, this #BetanatureVitaminCSerum was not one of my favorite facial serums. The texture and smell was a bit like fake watered down honey. When I spread it across my face it was sticky and left an unpleasant film on my face. As it dried it tightened, but remained tacky. When I put on my makeup the serum made it ball up. The only time it was tolerable to use was right before bed and even then my face stuck to my pillow. Typically, I’m comfortable with putting the excess serum, if any, on my hands, chest and back. I had to wash my hands immediately after putting this on to get rid of the sticky feeling.

From the manufacturer :




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