#MarathonPainRelief Cream Review

Chronic sitting, repetitive motion and just waking up in the morning can cause pain.  Stretching and regular exercise can help improve the condition of our muscles and joints, but sometimes we need some extra external help to reduce inflammation and ease the aches and pains.  Thanks to Marathon Pain Relief I received a 3 oz tube of their therapeutic cream for the purposes of review.


They describe it as having no smell, but that is a bit overreaching.  It has a mild aroma similar to that of a menthol eucalyptus cherry flavored throat drop. The fragrance dissipates within about 30 minutes or so but is not so strong in the meantime that it would burn your eyes or make you smell like an grandma’s house after she’s slathered on her arthritis ointment. The cream is all natural – loaded with herbs and oils that ameliorate aches. It contains arnica and emu oil which are both known compounds that help reduce pain.  Arnica is one of if not my favorite pain relieving topical treatment.  I’ve found it to be very effective.

I used this cream to treat neck and lower back pain. Where it shone really brightly was after a day of walking in the zoo.  I was fine until the last hour or so of the day that we went grocery shopping.  The bottoms of my feet didn’t hurt, but the top of my foot got a cramp and started aching so badly it left me limping all day.  As soon as I got home I removed my shoes and socks and massaged my foot with a dollop of the Marathon Pain Relief cream.  Within minutes the pain reduced enough that I was able to walk normally.

From the manufacturer:

Marathon Pain Relief Cream on Amazon

  • NON-GREASY FORMULA WITH NO SMELL – Marathon’s cosmetic grade formula is made from unique blends of herbs, botanicals, extracts, & oils. It’a fast-absorbing & doesn’t leave a greasy residue, soaking deep into your skin in seconds. It doesn’t stink or smell & it won’t stain your clothes. A small amount is all you need to attack pain exactly where it hurts. Highly concentrated, powerful anti-Inflammatory ingredients get you back on your feet, improving your flexibility, range of motion & mobility.
  • PROMOTES NATURAL PAIN RELIEF WITHOUT DRUGS – Don’t rely on dangerous pain pills and pain medications to relieve your aches and discomfort. Theses medications can wreak havoc on your kidneys. They also tend to boost blood pressure, and can even cause blood clots to form. Marathon relief cream is a soothing, non habit-forming alternative to narcotics. Feel confident knowing you can eliminate your pain without negative effects to your health. Simply rub where it hurts, and feel the pain disappear!
  • FDA REGISTERED, COSMETIC-GRADE FORMULA – This is a truly top-of-the-line cream. Gently massage this powerful, fast acting relief aid deep in to your muscles and joints, and you’ll experience instantaneous relief from the pain that has been holding you back. Recommended for use on its own or as a complementary application with the use of knee braces, splints, gloves, ultrasound treatment, physical therapy, massage, etc. Give it a try – MPR is sure to get you back to your best self in no time.
  • FARM FRESH INGREDIENTS GROWN IN THE U.S.A – Every single ingredient in Marathon Pain Relief cream is grown right here in the U.S. Our top-quality EMU oil comes straight out of Pennsylvania, and helps drive relief deep into your sore spots. And MPR has so many uses! It’s fantastic for use with heating pads, back pain supports, belts and other relief products. It’s also great to use with lotions and gels, essential oils, electrodes, joint pain supplements and other pain meds… you name it!
  • 100% GUARANTEED TO ALLEVIATE YOUR PAIN OR YOUR MONEY BACK – We go far beyond Amazon’s 30-Day policy and provide a LIFETIME money back guarantee. If for ANY REASON you are not satisfied, simply ask Amazon for a full and complete refund with just one click. No questions asked. NOTHING TO RETURN. You have nothing to lose but pain & soreness! MADE & TESTED IN THE USA. Effortlessly rub your pain away with Marathon Pain Reliever Cream TODAY – CLICK Add to Cart NOW…

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  1. Lynne B
    September 28, 2016 at 1:06 am

    That’s impressive how quickly it worked for you!

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