8″ Chef’s Knife by #HappyMoonKitchenware Review

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One of the most important tools in the kitchen, in my opinion, is a good knife.  When your kitchenware is high quality it makes the process of making food faster and more enjoyable.


The blade is made of high quality stainless steel and is super sharp – I actually accidentally cut one of my nails while slicing an onion. The blade was sharp enough to slice through this tomato like a laser through butter without squishing the fruit.

The entire knife weighs 280 grams.  I thought it seemed a little heavy compared to my go to kitchen knife so I weighed that one. Sure enough it was about 120 grams heavier.  Maybe for someone with larger hands and stronger arms this wouldn’t be an issue, but I felt the strain in my wrist within a few minutes of use.  The grip was comfortable, but trying to move the knife up and down put an unusual strain on my forearm.

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Another thing I noticed is that though the blade was super sharp it tended to get hung up on the food as I was slicing through.  This was especially apparent when I tried dicing an onion.  Typically, what I’ll do is slice the onion in half from tip to root end, lay the halves flat and slice horizontally in from the tip at 1/4″ intervals almost to the end until I reach the outer layer.  Then I cut vertically across the horizontal cuts to create matchstick size slices that remain held together by the root end.  Then I cut vertically perpendicular to those to dice.  The explanation is long, but the process is fast and easy if you have a good quality knife.  Cutting the small pieces at the end was no problem, but I felt a lot of drag on the blade when I tried the first horizontal and vertical cuts.  I didn’t notice this when cutting a tomato though.  This led me to conclude a couple things – when the fruit or vegetable has more liquid it acts as a lubricant allowing the entire blade to run through without much friction and it would work better on other foods if it had divots in the side that created small pockets of air as a cushion during cutting.

This knife from HappyMoon Kitchenware is a good sharp knife, but I feel it is a bit too heavy for me and I believe the blade can be improved for ease of use and better cutting-ability.

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