#BaelWellnessNaturalSkinCare Indian Healing Clay with Turmeric & Cloves Review

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Thanks to Bael Wellness Natural Skin Care I received their 100% Pure Indian Healing Clay with Turmeric and Clove Powder for the purposes of review. I used it primarily on my face to remove excess oil and help reduce inflammation on a nasty breakout I had on my right cheek.

The slightly sweet smell of the cloves made the aroma very nice. Both the cloves and turmeric work to reduce swelling and did so very well. According to the package cloves may accelerate skin rejuvenation and turmeric acts as an antioxidant. It was no surprise that after rinsing the mask off my face the breakout on my cheek no longer ached.  It did take some effort to remove the mask from my face once it was completely dry because of how hard the mask sets. My face did feel much smoother and much less oily when I was done though.  It felt nice to have my skin feel so clean.  I’ve also used this clay to devise a detoxifying wrap to help suck toxins out of the cells in my abdominal area.  I realize it’s going to take a lot of work to make a change in this area, but I am pleased with the effect this antioxidant and anti-inflammatory detox mask has had on my facial skin.

Though this clay is not rated for internal use I did use it to make a compress for a sore tooth.  It didn’t eliminate the pain, but it did assuage it for the period overnight when I needed the help the most.  Next time I think I’ll mix it into a thicker paste to make the compress before packing it next to the tooth.

The only problem I had with the Indian Healing Clay from Bael Wellness is that it did not come with any instructions or recommendations for use aside from just the basic  mask, bath, and spa.  You have to go to their Amazon page to see what other suggestions they offer or search the internet for help.

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From the manufacturer:

About the Product
  • COMPLETE NATURAL SKIN CARE FOR FACIAL & HAIR MASK – Not just Bentonite Clay BUT ALSO Turmeric & Cloves powder help treating acne, black heads, make skin tone even, provides smoother and vital skin & hair. Much more skin benefits and even smells better than JUST Bentonite Clay (Indian Healing Clay). 94% Bentonite Clay, 5% Turmeric Powder, 1% Cloves Powder.
  • NATURAL & ORGANIC BENTONITE CLAY – Premium quality natural & organic Bentonite Clay absorbs impurities, toxins & excessive oil from skin. Provides necessary minerals to skin for enrichment.
  • ORGANIC TURMERIC ROOT POWDER & CLOVES POWDER – Acts as an antioxidant & natural antiseptic that may help treating any negative effects on skin including black heads due to germs & CLOVES POWDER When used with Bentonite Clay and Turmeric Powder may help lessening effects of aging skin, scars, blemishes, acne and improve facial rejuvenation.
  • BETTER THAN COMPETITORS – Only solution that has much more than just bentonite clay. Provides 3 steps skin cleansing for smoother, rejuvenated & even skin and for brighter, silkier & smoother hair without any side effect.
  • A QUALITY PRODUCT FROM A VERY WELLKNOWN BRAND – Ideal for all skin types & hair. Can be mixed with essential oil, carrier oil, apple cider vinegar or water. Brand is known for the quality products and best in class customer service. Easy to carry zip sealed standing pouch. 3.4 OZ (100 gram).

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    Love your way for writing….

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      Thank you Selena. Hope you come back to read more 🙂 and tell your friends.

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