You Can Improve Your Skin From Within [A Collagen Skin Complex Review]

What is Collagen?

All tissue in the body is formed of various proteins.  The majority of these is collagen.  It is the “glue” that holds us together.  I wanted to learn more about how an ingested collagen, like bone broth or a supplement, would affect our whole body and if it could improve our skin.  An article in Prevention Magazine had this to say –

Collagen, the very substance that these supplements are trying to support, keeps skin resilient and joints working smoothly and provides the structure in the tissue that connects our organs—but past the ripe old age of 30, everyone’s collagen production declines. “If you lose the collagen structure in your bones, that’s osteoporosis,” says study coauthor Steffen Oesser, the founder of the Collagen Research Institute in Kiel, Germany, who holds patents on several collagen formulations. “Lose the collagen in skin, you get wrinkles.”

To me this was no great surprise.  What I did learn from this article is there are varying opinions about whether lab synthesized collagen is more effective at targeting the skin’s upper layers or not.  Being neither a scientist with the proper equipment nor a doctor with in depth knowledge of how to test how my body responds to a supplement I can only give anecdotal evidence of my experience.

Treating Your Skin Inside and Out

Thanks to Neocell I got to try the Derma Matrix Collagen Skin Complex supplement free in exchange for my honest review.  Personally, I enjoy taking collagen.  My first noticeable changes are always the strength and thickness of my nails.  They don’t necessarily grow faster, but they grow stronger.  Given what the Prevention article mentioned – the collagen must also be good for protecting my bones from deterioration.

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The Neocell Derma Matrix powder is a fine white powder which can be added to water, juice or a smoothie.  It has no real flavor that I could discern and is very gentle on my stomach.  I enjoyed adding a scoopful to my water bottle every day and shaking it up with a few slices of lemon and stevia.  The powder would dissolve fairly quickly and add a supple texture to the water without being too thick.  My favorite way to take this collagen powder supplement was in a fruit smoothie as part of my breakfast.

I have not been taking the Derma Matrix long enough to notice a difference in my skin, but I am continuing to use it as part of my skin care and nutritional regimen.  The collagen skin complex helps to nourish my muscles, bones and hopefully over time my skin.   From the outside I’ll also continue to use topical Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid on my face to help minimize and prevent wrinkles.

It’s difficult sometimes to see how much your skin has changed over the years until you look at it from an unfamiliar angle.  The other day I happened to look straight down into a mirror.  It’s not sometime I recommend unless you are prepared to be shocked.  I had no idea how weak and thin the skin around my eyes had become.  I’m so glad to have the tools to battle my skin’s continued deterioration from within and without.

I received this supplement as a sample in exchange for my honest review.

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