The Ultimate Tea Storage Solution: #TheTeaBook Review

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TheTeaBookIf you are anything like my family and love tea you know how cluttered the collection of tea can become. We have at least 20 boxes of numerous varieties at any given time stashed in our cupboard. Too often boxes get stuffed to the back, destroyed and forgotten just because there are too many. Then we tend to shove the orphaned tea envelopes into a tea tin, box or any available container just to forget them altogether. I don’t know how many times I have asked my husband why he didn’t get the tea he was looking for out of the tea tin instead of opening a new box only to be told he didn’t feel like digging it out.

Well, The Tea Book has come up with a stylish and ingenious idea for storing and displaying your tea collection. The book is set up very much like a photo album – each tea envelope or packet will have it’s own little clear pocket. Each page holds 18 tea bags and there are 8 pages for a total of 144 (almost 8 whole boxes of tea!). The outside is bound in a durable faux leather binding and held shut with a belt type closure. This is tight enough to keep the book closed, but not so snug that it’s a problem to open for adult hands. Little hands may need help.

The book is available in 5 colors – brown, chai, cinnamon red, teal and tea green. They are made of recycled and recyclable materials and is BPA free. Even filled to capacity the book weighs less than 2 lbs.

Imagine this tucked neatly into an office bookshelf or even proudly displayed on your countertop or living room coffee table. People will be fooled that it’s an actual book until they come and pick it up! Now you won’t have to dig through a cabinet, rummage in a box or empty out the tea tin to find the tea you are looking for.

The Tea Book is currently running a Kickstarter Campaign through May 18, 2016. I hope they reach their goal of 150,000 pledges for the book so they can move manufacturing of it back to the United States!!! It will mean higher costs for them, but manufacturing jobs for the US & better quality control.

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