Stera Elegant Vintage Sterling Silver & Onyx Earrings Review

Complimentary item was received in exchange for review.

Sterling silver earrings are by far my favorite. Earrings with hook and wire closure like these are always at the top of my list because they are so easy to wear and almost impossible to lose. My daily wear earrings before I received these were a pair of hook and wire, .925 silver ones with a hematite bauble. Those have since broken and now these onyx and silver earrings go with me everywhere. Whether I’m going to volunteer at the school, going to church, to a party or just grocery shopping these pretty earrings are my go to pair.

They are beautifully #artisan designed and crafted drop earrings of #925silver with a wire and hook closure. These elegant vintage style #sterlingsilverearrings are a perfect addition to any outfit – #casual or #dressy. They are made of an onyx gem and #genuinesterlingsilver and are conspicuously marked with the .925 on the back of each #earring. This darling pair of bird’s nest style earrings have become a staple in my everyday wardrobe. I feel they are very fashionable and the perfect size for me.

Stera Artisan Designed Silver Earrings

• Round Black Onyx Drop Earrings with free form Spiral Design
• Comfortable Everyday Earrings that will Complement any Outfit or Style
• Measuring About 1/2″ in size
• Chick and Elegant Vintage look Silver earrings
• 925 Sterling Silver Wire & Hook Secure Closure backs


My ears can’t tolerate anything other than pure silver or 10K + gold and these fit the bill. I have not experienced any discomfort or irritation which tells me these are “the real thing”. The design is so cute! It makes me think of a teeny bird’s nest. They are done in such a way that they are elegant without being overdone. They are only 1/2 long – just enough to be seen- but they weigh almost nothing! I’ve seen my girls eyeing these beauties so I have a feeling I’m going to have to get them each a pair. I checked out the designer’s website and noticed they have this design with several different color gems.

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