#Brieftons 18 Oz. Soda Lime Glass, Lead Free, BPA Free Water Bottles Review

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Thanks to Brieftons I received a set of 6 leak proof soda lime glass bottles with stainless steel caps for review. They call them water bottles, but they can be used for so much more. Since they are lead and BPA free glass they will not absorb or impart flavor or chemicals to any drink. You can safely place water, juice, tea (warm or cold) or any carbonated beverage in these bottles.

My primary interest in trying these bottles was because I actively make homemade kombucha and water kefir for my family to consume. Both are naturally carbonated probiotic drinks. In second fermentation the drinks can get super bubbly and need a bottle which is strong enough not to burst under the pressure and a lid that will keep the pressure on so that the drink will stay carbonated. The glass in these bottles proved to be thick enough to withstand second fermentation in a room around 72º – 74ºF in the warmest location. We’ll see how they do in the summer.

I ran into a snag with the lids though. They are at least 2 part lids with an inner plastic lid and an outer stainless steel cover. The interior also has a silicone ring which helps retain pressure and prevent leakage. The issue I found began when I followed the instructions on the box which said the bottles were dishwasher safe. It didn’t say the caps were not. After one run through the dishwasher – even on the top rack as far from the heating element as possible – the adhesive failed in 4 of the 6 lids. This caused the outer stainless steel cap to begin to rotate independently of the inner plastic cap when attempting to tighten or loosen the lid. After this the screw cap never really got a good tight seal on the bottle. This was evidenced by the lack of fizz in the 4 bottles of kombucha with the failed caps. Unscrewing the failed caps became an issue also because I had to put on more lateral pressure to get the inner cap to move with the outer one. At one point I thought I wouldn’t be able to get the caps off the bottles at all.

Brieftons said they would replace the failed lids and take my relabeling suggestions into consideration.

As for using these bottles for warm beverages I would recommend getting a nylon or silicone insulating cover for the bottles for your protection.  These will help to prevent burning your hands plus assist in impact resistance. You can find these on Amazon.  Just search for ones fitted for 18 oz. bottles.

In the kit you will receive –

  • 6 – super clear, lead free, bpa free, soda lime glass, leak proof bottles
  • 1 bottle cleaning brush

I was not impressed with the brush.  The handle is not quite long enough to effectively scrub the bottoms of the bottles.  It fits entirely in the bottle, but you can’t hold onto it to maneuver it for proper cleaning.  I’d suggest getting another brush or using a soapy washcloth to vigorously swish around the capped bottle for cleaning.

Please check out the 6 Pack of Leak Proof Glass Bottles from Brieftons on Amazon http://amzn.to/2kN1sWn

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  1. T. Morey
    May 23, 2018 at 10:41 am

    Yeah but no one is saying where the glass or parts are manufactured.

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