The Only Gourmet Snack Box Sourced Directly from Artisanal Japanese Snack Makers  Offers Cultural Discovery and A Taste of Adventure In Every Bite

New York & Tokyo, April 2018 – Bokksu Founder, Danny Taing, is reinventing snacking as a highly sophisticated cultural affair. Taing lived in Japan for many years and fell in love with traditional Japanese culture and the myriad of unique flavors he experienced. Upon returning to New York City, he was disappointed when he was unable to continue enjoying his favorite Japanese snacks. Taing admits a deep passion for Japanese snacks and culture: “I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to live in and adventure through Japan, which inspired me to create Bokksu. Inviting curious individuals to explore Japanese culture through their taste and imagination is our primary mission.”


“During my time in Japan, snacking became not just a way to satiate hunger but create ritual, slow down, and create community by sharing. Through being introduced to unique Japanese snacks, I discovered inspiring stories of the snack makers and the traditional recipes behind each one. Some of the snack makers Bokksu works with have been making their signature delicacies such as Kyoto Yokan Red Bean Paste for nearly 500 years.”


Poised to redefine worldwide snacking traditions as they near their 2 year anniversary this May, Bokksu is the only subscription box service of its kind delivering a curated mix of gourmet, traditional, and longtime family-favorite snacks directly from Japan. A combination Tasting Menu and Culture Guide is included in every Bokksu along with a tea pairing for the box to further create opportunities to slow down, enjoy a snacking ritual, and invite loved ones to explore with you and join in!


Rare, gourmet, sought after snacks and delicacies are included in each box. For example, April’s “Blossoming Spring” box which features the the world’s first white chocolate-infused strawberry – made with organic strawberries and white chocolate by innovative producer Qua. Previous boxes featured limited edition Kit Kats such as Mandarin Orange and exclusive collaborations like the heavenly Caramelized Apple Cobbler from world-renowned Japanese pastry shop ChikaLicious.

One especially exciting collaboration was with Executive Chef Chikara Sono of New York’s Michelin-Starred Kyo Ya. Sono was born and raised in the capital city of Hokkaido, Sapporo, and curated a Bokksu last September celebrating the breadth and depth of Hokkaido’s extensive snack culture. Some of the snacks were even handpicked from shops in his hometown neighborhood!

Since the company’s inception almost 2 years ago, Bokksu has developed somewhat of a cult following where subscribers celebrate the monthly arrival of their Bokksu snack box with Bokksu snack parties. Customers have shared that they’ve invited family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues and even dates over to dive into their Bokksu!


Many of the snacks found in Bokksu snack boxes are artisanal and come from recipes that have been passed down in families over hundreds of years. In that way, the snack box becomes educational and offers a way for snackers to discover Japan, its multifaceted culture, and its rich history.


Unboxing the Bokksu

Bokksu is both a premium subscription based offering and an à la carte menu of gourmet Japanese snacks, the only service of its kind sourced, boxed, and shipped directly from Japan. Boxes have different themes each month such as Glamorous Tokyo, Blossoming Spring, Citrus Summer, Tropical Okinawa, and Doki Doki Kit Kat for a unique Valentine’s Day theme in February (Doki Doki is the sound of an excited heartbeat in Japanese). The snacks are carefully curated and hand-picked to match that month’s theme. Monthly boxes contain an assortment of savory and sweet snacks as well as a curated pairing of Japanese tea. In addition, a Tasting & Cultural Guide is included that shares the story and flavors of each item in the box.

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