SockSync Makes Matching & Folding Socks Fun

If you are anything like me the words “laundry” and “fun” don’t coexist in the same universe. Of the household chores laundry is one of the most tedious and back wrenching, repetitive motion injury inducing tasks. No kidding. I’ve had my back seize up on me more times than I can count while sorting and folding laundry. Don’t even get me started on socks. They get separated from each other in the hamper, lost in the dryer and then trying to dig through the mountain of slightly different sized, but same colored socks is just about enough to make you lose your mind.

Recently, I received a press release about a new laundry tool called the SockSync. Honestly, it made the task of pairing and folding socks look like a game. This would certainly make it more palatable for my kids to help with matching socks!

Check this thing out –

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