Reciprocal results not forthcoming

I know this is not the first post to express disappointment in the U Drop/I Follow or the U Comment/I Follow trend, but it’s a frustration I must share. To commiserate with my blogging compadres I have seen little if any reciprocation of my commenting or dropping efforts. There has been three very kind souls that have commented on my blog from sites I’ve dropped and commented on. Granted, I have commented on many, many more than just three! I’ve also dropped on hundreds and hundreds of sites, but when I look at my Entrecard dashboard most of the points I have are only from drops I’ve made. What gives?

I think I might try to do something that will help those that comment on my site and maybe encourage others to comment as well. Maybe a weekly post mentioning and linking to the blogs of those that comment? I’ll have to think about that one a bit. I know that won’t help my Google ranking any, but it might help theirs. At least this way I’m holding up my end of the bargain even though I do not advertise as such and then fail to follow through.

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