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Having me review and post my opinion about your product is a great way to inform my readers about your product and website. My readers look to me to tell them about the newest, coolest, hottest family-friendly products in all categories. I always give my honest opinion in my posts and I don’t want to claim to like something that I haven’t seen for myself (and personally buying them all can be expensive :))!

To to give you an idea of what products you might have that would be appropriate for my family here is a mini profile of my clan and our interests.  My children are a two girls ages 5 and 8.  We live in a rural area within 70 miles of 3 All-American cities and within 300 miles of 6 large metropolitan areas that we have frequented for shopping and vacation excursions.  I am in my early 30s and my husband is in his early 40s.  As a family we enjoy travel both domestic and abroad.  I am fluent in Spanish and am endeavoring to teach my children Spanish as a second language.  We are also interested in other cultures – their language, customs and way of life.  My husband is a carpenter by trade and is very handy – so like any man he likes tools.  Personally, I love to garden, make pottery, crafts and practice sewing for my family.  I LOVE TECHNOLOGY. With my interest in computers and technology at the forefront I pursued and completed my Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and business administration. I try to keep abreast of changes in software, portable digital devices (phones, tablets, laptops, camera and related software). We are experienced at reviewing books, movies, DVDs, music, toys, games, food, healthcare items, clothing and accessories, organizational products, house and home products, software, hardware, electronics and more.

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Basic Review Policies

  • A thorough disclosure meeting FTC regulations is added to all sponsored reviews.
  • We require a full-size product for reviews and they will not be returned.
  • We do not charge for reviews if the item is $50 or more in value.
  • We ask that you please allow 3-6 weeks for the review of your products.  If you require a different schedule we will do what we can to accommodate your requirements.  Please make sure to mention any time constraints at the time of your request.
  • We Are Earthformed nor any of it’s representitives is not responsible for any shipping charges. Any packages sent COD will be refused and returned to sender.

Sponsor a giveaway!

Another great way to spread the word about your products is to sponsor a reader giveaway. I will ask you to send me a product sample first, and then hold products aside to ship directly to my giveaway winners. What I do is write my review of your products and then at the end of the post announce the giveaway (at times it’s necessary to separate the two).  Who doesn’t love the chance to win something free!

I’m very flexible with giveaways, simply let me know what you would like me to give away, how many of each item, and to how many winners. I will run the giveaway, collect the addresses, randomly select a winner or panel of winners and forward that information to you for direct shipping to the winners. Giveaways are immensely popular among blog readers!

Please contact me to discuss any of these options, and thank you for your interest!

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An image ad in a 125×125 px. format is $35 for each 30 day period. Multiple month discounts may be available. No gambling, sexually oriented or explicit or drug ads will be accepted.

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