As a full time stay at home mom I wanted to create a site that joined all of the things that are important to my family and that make me happy.  Gardening became a passion of mine when I home schooled my sophomore year in high school.  It was difficult to pursue as avidly as I would have liked during college and when I started working full time.  Then another major change in our lives took place.  We had a baby!  When my daughter was born it was an overwhelming experience that just became more fun and rewarding.  I found that she loved getting involved in my gardening even if it was just playing in the mud.  She loves to look at flowers and pick them.  These are experiences I want to share with others that may feel too busy or bogged down to have a hobby.  Hobbies don’t have to take away from your family time – they should actually add to it.

The Earthformed.com family of websites is here to provide information about gardening, landscaping, child care, ceramics, aquatics and friendship.

These topics may seem a little oddly paired, but they are commonly thrown together in the life of a busy stay-at-home parent.  More often than not we are the nanny, teacher, maid, cook, maintenance person, garbage person, dishwasher, in-home laundromat, “doctor”, “counselor” and “vet”, not including our emotional ties and responsibilities to our mate, children, parents and friends.  It is easy to lose yourself in your responsibilities with little time for maintaining your sanity, but that shouldn’t be the norm.

We at Earthformed.com want to encourage stay-at-home moms and dads to have hobbies in which you can involve your children.

Make every moment with them a learning experience.  Make it light and fun.  It is sad to see parents living separately from their children when they physically live in the same house.  Granted it is necessary to maintain some bit of adult level conversation and activity in which children are not participants.

In an age of 24/7 television, video games and mass media bombarding us making an effort to connect with the earth is a must.  Earth in this instance can stand for anything not manmade – the ground, a puppy, a fish, your best friend, you.


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