Getting ready to change servers

Due to unforseen occurences and depressing circumstances I’ve had to search for alternate hosting for my domains.

We Are Earthformed

Dig the Earth

La Comida de Mi Vida

Great Lakes Aquatic Society

The Family Fund Project

The Baby Fund


Since I have no income to speak of the hosting has to be free.  There are a few alternatives available that require little or no advertising and offer MySQL and PHPmyAdmin so that I can load all my WordPress blogs.  Enough space and having SMTP and POP3 access to my email addresses will be an issue I need to address.

For the next few days I ask that you not comment on my blog so that I can back it up in it’s current state.  Sorry for the inconvenience – I really enjoy hearing what you have to say.  I will also not be posting for a few days more either whilst everything is loaded and configured on the new server.  Hopefully, the DNS transfer will go smoothly and not keep you and I from reading and posting here longer than necessary.

Though you won’t be able to comment here you can still react to this post and my blog(s) on the social networks:

Twitter: earthformed
Plurk: earthformed
Facebook: Leslie
MySpace: Leslie

Thanks for your loyal readership and EntreCard dropping.  It is my hope to have and all related blogs up and running on the new server within a week.

Best Regards and Happy Blogging