Sound Intone CX-05 & Kanen iP950 (for kids) Collapsible Headphones {Review}

Thanks to Sound Intone I received 2 pair of collapsible headphones with inline microphones for review.  The first is a modern looking stereo headphone set from Sound Intone.  The CX-05 is designed for comfort and style.  The cord is detachable and replaceable (there is a replacement cord in the  box).  The extra cord does not have a microphone.

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The Kanen iP950 is designed for children.  They are not as snug as the CX-05 – they sit more delicately on your head.  The design is definitely more juvenile from the materials to the colors.  I was surprised to find that this set had an extra function on the inline mic.  A tiny switch on the microphone control activated the voice control function on my phone.  The CX-05 did not have this option.

The sound quality of both were comparable and very good.  Though they did not have noise cancelling the coverage provided by the earphones and the quality of the sound were enough to drown out outside noises.

Both inline mics had a control near them that allowed you to press a button for multiple functions.  This tiny button allows you to answer calls, hang up calls, start and pause music.

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