From Fresh Air to Cow Crap

This morning I had actually forgotten it was Earth Day (and my in-laws 51st anniversary, yikes!). Last night when we got home the house was a balmy 73 degrees F – a little too warm for sleeping. We turned off the furnace, opened the windows and turned on the fan. It got chilly, but it was good cuddling temperature. Well, through the morning as I’ve been cleaning, playing and blogging I could smell the wonderful smell of fresh country air. So as I went from room to room I opened each window. The breeze was refreshing as was the scent – until it started to warm up.

About 10:30 AM I noticed the distinct smell of cow crap. An unpleasant reminder that on certain unfortunate days we live downwind from a mega farm. Another tragic reminder that our commercialization of everything is affecting the quality of our air, our water, our food and our lives.

The county in which we live has very lax zoning regulations (on certain things) so it’s much easier for mega farms to come in. They set up camp, hire (enslave) illegal aliens and go about contaminating our water table and stinking up the air. There are at least 3 – two for cows and one for hogs – within a 10-mile radius.  So on warm breezy days you can get anything from fresh air to cow crap.

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