Coffee House Crisis

As we have all seen recently the price of gasoline has put a pinch on everyone. We all still have to go to work, but we all don’t need our morning latte (maybe just a regular coffee with cream). My sister-in-law runs a small coffee house with two locations and with the price of fuel, heating, and rising cost of raw goods to make her coffee and pastries she is finding it hard to keep afloat. She serves brewed coffee, lattes, cappuccino, americanos, frozen drinks, teas, cookies, turnovers, scones, sandwich wraps and bottled sodas. In addition she sells bulk gourmet candy and bulk gourmet coffee beans. She has a wide selection of cooking/coffee/tea related gift items and some kitchy gift stuff too. Personally, I wonder if there is anything that she can add to her menu or change on her offerings that would draw in more people. During holiday seasons the kitchen and gift stuff are a big seller, but most of the time she just ends up carrying immense amounts of stock.

I know there are those of you out there that love your morning coffee and pastry, so, I’m asking you for some suggestions.

  • What kinds of things do you expect to find when you go to the local coffee house?
  • What is your favorite coffee house offering?
  • Do you expect to find ice cream and gourmet candy at your local coffee house?
  • Despite current economic conditions what is a business feature or product offering that would make you continue to patronize a local business?

PLEASE, leave your comments on these questions. I’d really appreciate your input.

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