I'm momma to a little bean

We went to the OB/GYN on Wednesday and got to see our baby for the first time.  We are proud parents of a lima bean – at least that is what the baby looks like right now.  It is incredible though that the doc was able to show me the little one’s heart beat already.  It made my heart melt.

After three weeks of horrid morning sickness it has been three days since I’ve thrown anything up.  Woohoo!  It makes me very happy to be able to stand for more than 10 minutes, get out of bed and do something, anything, after having been trapped by my stomach.  It’s still a little scary, but it feels good to try and eat a real meal.  I’ve lost 10 lbs.  It wasn’t the most ideal way to do it though.  I felt like an out of control bulimic.  My husband would find me crying almost every day he came home from work.  Mortified that I hadn’t been able to keep anything but a piece of toast down all day.  Gladly the doc said the baby was OK and seemed to be developing normally.  What a relief.

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