Will Daddy come for the tea party?

Monday afternoon we called Daddy at the office after Yeyda’s nap.  She was in a good mood and made sure to say hi to her cousin and both uncles that work there.  Daddy brought up something about her “castle” in the back yard.  A couple of months ago on a trip to Cabela’s we bought her a little camping kit that had a pink camo tent complete with sleeping bag, flashlight, water bottle and compass.  We actually set it outside over the weekend for the first time.

Yeyda tells Tio (her uncle, my brother), “Yeah, my castle is outside but there is bird poop on it. Ewwww.”
Daddy asks over the speakerphone, “Are you going to have a teaparty later in the castle?”
Yeyda says to Tio, “I’m going to have a tea party, but daddy can’t come because he’s too fat.  Only mommy will come.”

Then she proceeds to giggle after she hears Tio laughing in the background.  Of course that reaction just prompts her to repeat the fact that “daddy is too fat” about three more times.  Oh, the things they learn to repeat.  I couldn’t help but laugh because he did it to himself.  Instead of saying that the “castle” is little girl sized and daddy isn’t that size he tells her he’s too fat.  If you saw him you’d probably smack him.  He may be a little out of shape, but he sure doesn’t look they way I will in a few months!

Seems like once the baby comes he and I both will have to go on a diet and exercise program together.

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