To EntreCard or Not To Entrecard???

In my short months with Entrecard it has brought my blogs greater traffic and some very good commenters. I know that they would never have found my blog without it. Over the past month I’ve had a combination of problems with my internet connection, PC crashes and just not being home. This put a serious damper on my ability to drop EC on other sites which of course precipitated my blog being ignored, too. 🙁 But I have decided not to give up. This week has been one of the better weeks for being home and having little or no PC issues or internet connection issues. So I’m back on the EC dropping horse.

What I have noticed is that there is a growing number of EnterCard users that do not have the widget on the website. This is found while surfing from EC site to EC site dropping cards and commenting. I find this very annoying. I dropped on your ad to see what your site had to offer and yet you don’t offer the decency of the EC widget even at the bottom of your site so we can give you a credit and spread the love.

The one that really got me today was a soon-to-be-former EC user informing everyone that they are revamping their blog and thus removing the EC widget because the traffic she got was not good enough for her. I did appreciate that she at least explained why the widget was gone. I had to leave a comment though expressing sorrow over her leaving the community and that I’d never have found her site if it had not been for EC. Personally, I think I would have left the EC widget up until my last ad had expired and I could cancel my account. You know, post your explanation about when you’d remove the widget and let that post run concurrently with your last few ads. Then pull it. But, that’s just me.

The frustration of this blogger is common. Traffic with no comments, purchases or click throughs on ads. I suffer from the same dilemma. Given the fact that I am getting more comments and more traffic I think it’d be silly to give up now. You never know when you’ll find that one group of interested people that will start to give your blog or website a life of it’s own. Right now my blogs are running on my steam and mine alone. I’m going to keep pushing, writing, dropping and commenting until I can see these babies start to grow!

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