I'm Gonna Wash That Gunk Right Outta My Hair, 4

Saturday, August 23 was another hair washing day for me. Yeyda and I were still at mom’s house so we benefitted from the softened water. Again I washed with Olive Oil shampoo, rinsed with apple cider vinegar and distilled water. This time I used half the amount of Olive Oil Hair Lotion than I did on Thursday and it offered softness and manageability without greasiness. This is exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to straightening my hair with my round brush and hair dryer, but it was enough to be able to test the texture, shine and frizziness of my hair.

The past week after using the Organic Root Stimulator products from Namaste Labs my hair has been noticeably softer, thicker and shinier. At times the sensation I get on my hands is almost on the oily side which is very different from using the silicone based products. I still have not been able to repeat the results of 2 Mondays ago when my hair was perfectly straight, soft and shiny. Weather plays a large part in how well my hair cooperates. Yesterday it was super hot and muggy here – 93 degrees F. Being that my hair is naturally curly any bit of humidity makes it want to return to its “natural” state.

Style Ideas

In the July issue of Vogue Magazine there is an advertisement section for Biolage products featuring two actressess from the movie “Mama Mia”. They looked very stylish, of course. The brunette had a hair cut reminiscent of the style Jennifer Aniston had back in the early 90s. I always loved that haircut, but not having the same face shape or hair texture as her. The cut featured in the ad was a bit longer than the “Jen Do” so it renewed my interest in the shape achieved with this cut. I’m a bit hesitant now to do anything drastic with my hair since I’ve been trying for so long to grow it out again. It’ll probably happen the same as it did after the birth of my first baby – time, unforseen occurence and frustration will probably lead me to cut my hair again.

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