Manic Monday

For a Monday this wasn’t too bad.  I woke up feeling physically better than most days. My belly didn’t hurt and neither did my hips.  The latter is funny to me considering I had a chiropractor’s appointment scheduled for later in the afternoon.  Given my state of physical function I decided that today would be a good day to work outside.

My little girl and I ate breakfast outside.  While she finished I picked up apples in the yard that fell from our dirty little apple tree.  Man they stunk!  I pushed her on the swings and she then she helped me put the apples in the compost pile.  She’s so funny – as I put the rotting apples in the compost bin she said, “That looks like poop Mommy!”  Some of the stuff smelled like it too.

She got bored running around outside so I offered to let her watch some Little Einsteins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I mowed.  This was of course very agreeable to her.  Even though the story lines are silly she always learns something new about music, tools or helping others from these shows.  I don’t feel so bad letting her watch them.  She is pretty good about not watching too much either.  When she’s done, she’ll turn off the TV and go play or come look for me so I can read to her.  Right now her favorite story is a Frog and Toad story called “The Dream”.  If she had it her way I’d be reading it to her 3 times a day!

We ate lunch outside too and then decided it was time for a nap.  I worked a bit in the house before l too gave in and took a nap.  Then it was “off to the races”.  We hurried up and got cleaned up so we could go pick daddy up at work and head to my appt.  Yes, we had to go get daddy from work because I sent him to work with my brother who spent the night knowing I’d be in town later to get him anyway.  One of the items I had to get ready was a toilet seat booster.  You know the ones, you might see them at grandma’s house or at the old folks home on the toilet so they don’t have to crouch so low to sit on the toilet and they have arm rests to help them get back up.  Why do I have one, you may ask?  Well 3 years ago when we were all in a car crash, my husband’s hip was shattered – in place – so he needed the assistance getting from the wheelchair onto the toilet.  He hated having to use it but was glad he had it.  Medical places don’t exactly rent out that kind of stuff either.  Thank you.

The seat was covered in dust and spider feces so I had to give it a good cleaning.  I dusted it with a rag and then used several Clorox wipes to clean up the rest.  It looked and smelled pretty good so I loaded up seat, baby, baby framepack carrier, sweater and me in the car and took off.

About 5 minutes from my destination I decided to prank call my husband.  It was getting really close to 5PM and I called to tell him that my appointment had been cancelled and I wouldn’t be coming into town.  His obvious response was, “How the heck am I going to get home?”  I just told him he’d have to spend the night there.  To which he replied, “Sounds to me like you are in the car on the way here.”  Even though I wasn’t moving at the time he must have heard the train noise from outside, drat.  I couldn’t keep a straight face either.

When we got to his office we unloaded Yeyda and the framepack because daddy and baby were going for a bike ride. (I really shouldn’t call her baby, she’s almost three. It’s a hard habit to break. Better quit soon cuz I have an actual baby on the way!) Hubby got her all loaded in and had her sitting on the floor waiting for him to finish his conversation the his brother. I was watching her push back with her feet and I asked her to stop because she was going to rock backwards and hit the floor. Did she listen? Of course not. About 30 seconds later there she went like a little tree that had been cut in the forest and no one was close enough to catch her. The worst damage was the scare she got from the fall. Her head didn’t even touch the ground because the framepack cushioned her. While I waited in the office they took off. They were only gone for about 20 minutes but they came back windblown and breathless. She was just beside herself with excitement and wanted to go again.

By this time my brother-in-law was gone and it was time for the toilet seat booster to come into action. My husband took it into the men’s bathroom and installed it on the toilet. My brother came up with a sign and I typed it up: “In order to make our facility more elderly friendly management has decided to install this poop booster. Please replace the booster after use. (The boss really needs it now that he’s 50!).” We may not celebrate birthday’s but we are not above reminding each other how old we are actually getting. I just reminded my hubby to be ready for retaliation when he turns 50. It’ll be more like next year when he turns 40; I doubt my brother-in-law will wait 11 years to get him back.

Then it was off to the chiropractor. I have problems with my tailbone and hips anyway, but this pregnancy, much like the previous is taking it’s toll on my comfort and mobility. Like I mentioned before today I didn’t feel half bad. Getting closer to the end of the day I could feel the pinch in my hips when I walked, but nothing like the week before. The chiropractor discovered some swelling in my sacriliac region – lower back right above the hip – on the left side that was causing my hip to slip out of alignment much faster than usual. I wondered how he was going to fix me up since I can’t really lie flat on my belly anymore. He used a little plunger like apparatus that felt like a little punch and did feel like something moved when he used it to realign my him. It was very surprising. He suggested I ice my back 15 minutes 3 times a day for at least a week and whenever I start to feel a tightness in my shoulders (hmm, so I could ice down while I’m dropping Entrecards!). He noticed that I had a tightness in my left shoulder when I’d lean to the left which to him meant that I wasn’t doing my knee press exercises. When he had me sit down and checked if my inner thigh was tender, it wasn’t. Then I saw a perplexed look on his face. He had me do the exercise again for him and still my shoulders were tight when sitting. So, he suggested that I press out against his hands with my knees. I did this twice for a count of 5 each time. Then he tested my shoulders again and sure enough the tightness was gone. So now I have two leg exercises to do one pressing in and one pressing out using a belt tied around my knees. He said this is very rare for anyone to need this and I should only have to do it for a week or so to reactivate the muscles in my outer thigh to help hold things in place.

So that’s my Monday in a big nutshell. Hope your Monday wasn’t too manic.

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