New Entrecard Economy Changes

All Entrecard members received an email this morning informing them of some new changes to Entrecard’s economy. This meaning the price for EC credits, selling and transferring EC credits and advertising on the EC network.

1. Price decrease for EC credits: 1000 EC credits for $6.00. (I don’t remember what they were before, but this sounds like a decent price.)

2. More pricing increments. (After reading I noticed that they won’t be doubling every time an advert is added to your queue after 8 ads. The one strange thing is that of the price shown you only get 25% of the listed price. According to the wiki the other 75% is deleted from the system to prevent “inflation”.)

3. No more selling credits for members of Entrecard. This issue has been a thorn in Entrecard’s side and the sides of Entrecard users who have been selling EC credits as a way to make money. It is now officially against the Terms and Conditions to sell EC credits in any amount via any venue. I guess EC wants to corner the market.

4. Limit on credit transfers between unlinked blogs. You can now only transfer, or gift, credits 14 times a week up to 1000 credits – whichever comes first. This seems a bit arbitrary, but whatever.

5. Credit transfer tax. What the? Entrecard is now imposing a 12.5% tax on all credit transfers. Mmmm, does this affect transfers between linked blogs?

Update: 10/2/08 – It absolutely does affect linked blogs.  Entrecard deducts the 12.5% above and beyond the amount of credits you want to send.  This is a bunch of BS if you ask me.  Why don’t they deduct it from the receivers end?  Why penalize the sender for sharing Entrecards?

6. Be careful with whom you link. You can only unlink a blog if you ask that it be deleted from the system. No more accidentally unlinking your blogs. Apparently this is a preventative measure to keep EC members from abusing the unlimited # and amount of transfers of credits between linked blogs.

7. No more coupons. I don’t even really know what this is all about. I never sent or received one so I’m unsure of what the coupon issue is all about.

8. No more Entrecard shop. . . for now. We can’t even apply for a seller token. Entrecard is in the process of totally revamping their EC shop. I hope that EC users will still be allowed to sell items in their shop. They’ve taken away all other selling privileges through their new terms and conditions of use.

What do you think of the recent changes in Entrecard’s “economy”? There are some changes that make sense, but others that do not.

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