October 10th – New Contest from MoneyBlog with Cool Prizes

How do you enter to win?

* Write a post about the contest (must include links to”MoneyBlog“)
* comment on the contest post to tell MoneyBlog the url of your post about this contest
* Subscribe to ”MoneyBlog

The prize?

* 42 Professional Premium WordPress Themes | Best on Net |
* OIOpublisher-value $37
* wp-auctions-gold-value $24.99
* 100 Power Scripts-Browse the scripts list
* The 30-Minute Marketing Miracle- pdf
* Virtual eBiz-pdf
* Inside The Minds of Winners -pdf
* Proven Pricing Secrets -pdf
* Gary Shawkey’s Secrets -pdf
* free_ad_system
* AffiliateMarketingCrashCourse -mp3 (39:30 min)

There will be ONLY 10 winners picked at random.

Entries must be received by October 10, 2008.

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