October 12th – Enjoy Starbucks Without Guilt Giveaway

Hmm, What would I do with $15? Well, $15 is just under half the cost of a club pack of diapers as Sam’s Club so it would probably go to something like that. Or, since we do need to buy a new car seat for our new baby I’d save it for that. Oo, oo, my little girl needs new tenis shoes. Surprisingly they don’t make them cheap – even the off brands. I would go to Wal-Mart and buy her a new pair of tenis shoes. What does this have to do with a Starbucks coffee giveaway? David from MoneyNing asked us to post about what we would do with $15 extra dollars if we had them available.

MoneyNing was given 2-$15 Starbucks gift cards and they are giving them away this month. Not only that, they’ve decided to triple the winnings and give 6 people the chance to win $15 in free Starbucks coffee. In this economy of uncertainty and cutting out the Latte Factor having $15 you could spend guilt free on some lattes would be nice.

Ways to Enter:

  • Become an email subscriber and get 5 entries
  • Follow me on Twitter earns you 5 more entries
  • My Twitter followers can tweet about the contest with a link to this post to get 15 additional entries. You need to include @MoneyNing in your tweet so I see it and can record it. You also need to be following me at the time of drawing to get credit for the entries.
  • Talk about what you can do with $15 on your blog/site with a link to this post and receive 15 entries
  • Stumble this post to get 5 entries
  • Comment on this post with what $15 will do for you and receive 1 more entries (one entry per person)

The winners will be drawn on October 12th during MoneyNing’s Sunday roundup post so don’t delay and start gathering those entries right away!