Days 37-46: My Journey from Pudgy to "Perfect"

I haven’t been able to shake the current slump that I’m in.  The lack of properly fitting shoes for working out really puts a damper on my enthusiasm.  There seems to be a no energy cloud hanging over my head.  I want to get back into the workouts, but I really need to find some good shoes before I continue.  My piggies absolutely protested after the last few times they were pinched into shoes that were too small and forced to do aerobic exercise.  They cramped and writhed in pain.  The workouts have been reduced to anything that I can do on the floor that doesn’t require being on my feet.  Ab workouts, arm workouts, etc. , but it doesn’t feel like enough.  Just this morning my 3 year old told me, “Mommy, I just wish that your tummy could go down.  It’s just too big.”  🙁  Then of course Mother Nature delivered her monthly gift yesterday, too.  Ugh!

Days 37-46 (April 6 to 16):  Ab Workouts – Great Abs Guaranteed every other day.

A couple of days ago as I watched Yeyda dance around the living room in her bare feet it gave me an idea.  I have a belly dancing video that can be done in bare feet.  Maybe that is the answer to get some more aerobic exercise and get rid of my post partum belly.

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