Looking for a New Hairdo

Last week I jumped the gun and asked my mom to cut my hair in a medium shag haircut. At first I was tempted to go much shorter, but I, well, chickened out. I had washed my hair earlier in the day so I didn’t really want to shampoo again so I just styled it as is. Well, it didn’t work out too great. My husband happened to walk in just before my mom and dad left and I asked him what he thought. As he examined my head he said, “Looks nice.” But there was a quizzical look on his face. So I asked, “Does it make me look older?” – which was a fear of cutting my hair anyway because I look older than my age. And he said yes. I was so disappointed.

For the next week I pushed and prodded and styled and restyled. I even used some old Copa hair relaxer that I found to take some of the curl and frizz out of my hair. My hope was that it would be easier to straighten my hair and that it would hold a style longer.

No matter what he said the rest of the week, all I saw in the mirror was a fat old lady. I hated it. To me it looked like a helmet. It wasn’t until just this past Thursday night that I was happy with how my style turned out. Friday I spent the day with my mom and when I came home hubby thought I’d gotten something else done to my hair. Nope, just had a better hair day.

I’m tempted though to still go to a hair stylist and have my hair reshaped, thinned, and razor cut in strategic places to make it look more modern and less round. I have a round face anyway so less round is better. Also some honey or golden color highlights have been catching my attention in the hair style magazines.

Anyone out there have pictures of medium length shag hairstyles that would look good on a round face and dark brown hair?

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