Contests: Baby Clothes, Pearl Necklace & Bamboo Wrap

I’m getting back into the blog swing of things and have found myself wrapped up in entering contests. How I would like to know how people get the stuff they give away!

List Your Giveaways 11/2/09 has a whole list of giveaways that are expiring soon. There are a lot of entries to be had so get moving!

Zutano Review & Giveaway! {ends 11/2} Slavetosave Baby Shower Bash Giveaway #18: Zutano $75 Gift Card!

As noted this giveaway ends today and there are still lots of entries to be had. The baby clothes on the Zutano site are so cute I’d like the eat them with a spoon. Whatever that means.

Look What Mom Found. . . and Dad Too! have many giveaways going on right now. I’ve just completed all my entries for the Pearl Paradise freshwater pearl necklace (ends Friday, 11/20/09) and the DreamSack Bamboo Sophie Short Wrap (ends Wednesday, 11/18/09) for women.

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