20 Sweepstakes Entries in a Flash

If you like taking the opportunity to win prizes but hate all the time it takes to fill out entry forms and the spam that comes afterward then FastSweeper.com is for you.  Fill in your information one time in the FastSweeper sweepstakes engine and the system enters the sweepstakes and keeps track of the results for you.

Never worry about entering a sweepstakes too many times again! FastSweeper makes sure to show you only the sweepstakes you are eligible to enter at any given time leaving out ones you’ve already entered.  They recommend visiting and entering the sweepstakes shown at least once a week to make sure you are fully entered.

I went through the list of sweepstakes when I signed up and the ones listed were nothing to sneeze at.  They had everything from gift cards to international cruises listed.  One drawback is if you want full access to the system and the tens of thousands of sweepstakes they have listed at any one time you have to pay an access fee.  That is $28.95 for three months, but if you don’t win something in the first three months they will extend your access for another three months.  It was nice though they upon signing up they did give me 20  free entries.

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