Lewis Labs Fabulous Fiber Review

We get fiber from whole grains, fruits and vegetables.  Honestly, though, how many busy Americans actually get enough of these items to make an impact on out diets and well being.  Fast food is overly processed and offers little in the way of vegetable content.  Unfortunately, this leads to the bloated, rock in your belly feeling that comes from poor diet and excess stress.

One way to keep our insides moving like clockwork and our blood vessels clean is by supplementing with fiber.  Psyllium is one of the most popular and readily available forms of insoluble fiber on the market.  The only problem is that even when mixed with water it feels like you are drinking sawdust in a cup.

Several years ago my in-laws turned me on to a fiber supplement that tastes good and is very effective.  Lewis Labs Fabulous Fiber is a combination of soluble and insoluble fibers that can be mixed with juice, water or milk (I like it in orange juice).  This fiber supplement helps to improve bowel function by adding bulk in the intestines which actually improves nutrient absorption and elimination of wastes.  It is very gentle and non irritating.

I learned from experience that the stress of child birth and an episiotomie has a tendency to bring bowel function to a halt.  This caused a very, very painful and unpleasant situation for me after I got home with my first baby.  So, that’s why I made sure to have my Fabulous Fiber with me at the hospital and to take it with every meal.  For good measure I also took a stool softener and drank lots and lots of water.  I was mortified thinking about how my first bm was going to be given my experience three years before. To my relief, I  was able to have a bowel movement before I left the hospital and it was not painful at all even with the stitches in a very delicate place.

Since then I continue to use Lewis Labs Fabulous Fiber as part of my daily supplement routine.  It helps to keep me regular and has also played a key part in helping me to lose weight after child birth.  Granted I have a long way to go to get where I want to be weight wise, but I have discovered that fiber is key to achieving my goal.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post nor is this blog affiliated with Lewis Labs.  These views are my personal opinions and I am not a registered health care professional or nutritionist.  You personally must consult with a physician or trusted health care provider to determine whether it is advisable and safe to add this or any other supplement to your routine.

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