Always Read the Fine Print

This morning I was faced with an ad for making money at home. As a mother of 2 with no income personally this intrigued me. What mother wouldn’t love to stay home and take care of her kids and still be able to make a little extra cash for the family? Well, the website claimed that you could make like $77/hour. The “system” was only $2.97 to ship AND if I acted NOW they’d waive the 33.99 activation fee. Good deal, but was it too good.

So I started searching. There was no information as far as what company this was or any way to contact them before purchasing. I looked on Whois and got a server unavailable to respond message. Then finally I went back to the site and did find a Terms and Conditions link. I clicked on it and this is what I found:

It was too good to be true. The $2.97 got you a book and a disk maybe, but the real sock it to you came 3 days after placing your order. They charge your credit card $139.95 for access to their Internet Profit Success System and then $4.95 in perpetuity to have a website selling stuff hosted by them. You only have 3 days to cancel. It doesn’t even sound like you have to have the system in hand to review before they start charging you big bucks. That sucks!

So moms (and dads) the search continues for a way to earn money from home without losing your shirt first.

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