OMG my 21 month old is literally freaking out over a fly in the house. Every time the thing  even gets near her she loses it and starts crying and screaming, “BUG, BUG!”  I think she thinks that it’s going to bite her or sting her.  No matter how much I reassure her that the stinkin’ fly just wants her food and nothing else she won’t relent.

Where it all began . . .

The other day we were outside playing and she found an apple on the ground that didn’t look too bad.  So, I cleaned it off and cut out the wormy bits and gave it to her.  She chomped happily on that apple for quite a while until the yellow jackets found her.  Actually, the buzzing of these aggressive bees didn’t bother her until her sister freaked out.  “Mommy, mommy, they are going to sting her.”  That is when the little one realized there could be a problem.

As they played on the swing set Kiki tried to climb up the slide from the front apple in hand.  Needless to say it didn’t work out too well.  Then the yellow jackets found her again.  This time it wasn’t just one it was FIVE.  Swarming all around her little body  and landing on that apple, one landed on her cheek.  It was all over.  I had not ever heard her scream like that.

I ran like I hadn’t run before.  I lost a shoe and my phone in the trek.  I scooped up the baby and ran as fast as I could to the house thinking she had just been stung on the face.  As soon as I got her in the kitchen I set her down, still crying,  and asked her where she had been stung.  She kept pointing to her cheek, but I didn’t see anything.  I checked her hairline, her neck, the top of her head and found no sign of a bee sting.  We determined that the yellow jacket stood on her and scared her was all.  She accepted the ice pack anyway, probably to help her calm down.

So now she is terrified of anything that buzzes that comes remotely near her.

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