Contest: HP & Culture of Me Pavilion Dv5 Laptop Contest

Jeff at the Culture of Me and his crew teamed up with HP on a contest to give away a Pavilion Dv5. This is an awesome opportunity. It really is an experiment in social networking because the giveaway will not happen until they get 200 viral links in the internet ether. Pretty cool!

On their blog post they have a very well done vlog review of the Dv5 and how he uses it to get his stuff done. The team they put together to make this video did a wonderful job with the videography and art direction. Please, go watch the video and add your link and comments to the mix. The more linkbacks they get the sooner they can give away that sweet laptop!

Go to The Culture of Me and learn about who they are and what they do by watching the video they have posted. Then do some posting of your own on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Buzz, StumbleUpon, etc., etc., and blog about it too if you’d like.

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