Monetize Pinterest With Viraliti

Monetize Pinterest posts with Viraliti. Viraliti is a social media advertising network.  Use your clout in social media to earn money. If you have accounts on Pinterest, Twitter and/or Tumblr you qualify to be a publisher on the Viraliti network.   If your following is small don’t despair.  Just take your time and build your followers over time to qualify for more campaigns to monetize Pinterest posts.

This company has not yet gone open to the public but they are accepting pre-release signups.  Since I spend so much time on the internet I’m always looking for ways to monetize my activity.  Any little bit helps when we have a family to support.  We go through blogs, webstores and other websites all the time looking for things that are interesting and would love to share.  Why shouldn’t we Join this newest addition to the social media revolution to help make you a few extra dollars.

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