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Today’s #boostyourblog inspiration is ‘How I got past my fear of. . .’. The thing is I can’t think of anything I’ve been afraid of that has been so debilitating that I had to work to get over it. Mice, snakes and spiders gross me out, but I still will empty mouse traps (stomp on them if I have to), pick up small snakes and kill spiders. Sorry if I offended anyone, but those little creatures don’t belong in my house and you can’t reason with them to keep them out (and no, snakes don’t come in and I don’t kill them).

I am afraid of heights, not devastatingly so, but I have fallen from attics, ladders and gotten hurt on a roller coaster which makes me nervous in high places. I’ve been in the Sears Tower, the John Hancock building in Chicago, the CN Tower in Toronto, and the tallest building in the southern hemisphere in Auckland, NZ, taken plane trips around the world without incident. No anxiety or extreme fear.

My fear of heights is more confined to high places that have little or no support or harnesses from which I could easily fall. I guess you could describe as fear my aversion to roller coasters. I know that strapped in there is little harm that can come to you unless something catastrophic happens. What most people like, that turning of your stomach and feeling like your guts are going to be sucked into the atmosphere, is what I HATE. Don’t get me wrong, I have tried overcoming this aversion, the hatred of that feeling. DH and I had our second date at Cedar Point for a day. He was my riding companion and I hated almost every minute I was on those stinking rides. The only one I didn’t mind so much was the Mantis. It has been more than a decade since I’ve been there so I have not had the privilege of riding the new, super tall, really fast rides they’ve added since my last visit. I’ve got small kids now; if we go back I think I’ll stick to the bumper cars.

SO, How I got past my fear of roller coasters is by HAVING KIDS SO I DON’T HAVE TO RIDE THEM ANYMORE, LOL. That is I guess until they get old enough and tall enough to ride them themselves, RATS!!!


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