Mobile Technology Changes the Way We Communicate

This is nothing new.  Over the past 15 years mobile technology has changed dramatically.  These days SmartPhones, Tablets, phablets and super portable laptops are the order of the day.  The incredible aspect of mobile technology devices is that these not only serve as our portal to the world wide web and telecommunications they are out productivity centers – our cameras, our office suites, our social media backbone.  No more do we merely go to the store, watch TV, call someone or even chat with friends in person without a piece of mobile technology making an appearance or playing a key role.

Mobile technology takes center stage even during a day at the beach!

Whether you are taking pictures in a store of an item you want to post on Facebook (or the freak whose butt-crack is sticking out that’s looking at the item), trying to remember the name of the store near Chicago where you bought your new favorite coffee, or checking what movies you’d like to go see – technology and social media is there.  No more do you have to be at home with your wired internet connection and desktop computer to participate with millions world wide on any number of topics. Who needs hardcover encyclopedia volumes to learn about something new anymore – you have your smartphone or tablet connected to the internet wherever you go.

My household is no different.  We are always posting reviews of places we have shopped, eaten or gone to visit.  I post about things I find interesting like gardening, gluten free living, current events and social media.   More than once I have noticed that my husband doesn’t really ‘watch’ TV anymore – he hears it while he reads news on his phone.  My daughters and I are always playing games, reading e-books or looking up something on the internet.  We are infinitely more distracted.  Sometimes it can be difficult to have intelligent conversation with a group without it degrading into a group of people ‘talking’ to their mobile devices.  Rarely do you see a group of friends or family together without noticing one or more of them on their phone or their other mobile device at the dinner table or during conversation.

Mobile Technology Giveaway – 32GB Nexus 7, The Consumer Adviser

There are definitely benefits to mobile devices with access to GPS, the Internet and the social media that goes with it.  Like I mentioned before it is a wonderful portal for learning new things, keeping up on news verifying information and sharing what’s important to you. My daughter is home-schooled so having a mobile device would be handy for doing schoolwork when we are away from home. That is why I entered a giveaway today for a 32GB Nexus 7 tablet hosted by The Consumer Adviser. The giveaway ends on 2/21/13 and is open worldwide.

photo credit: JulianBleecker via photopin cc

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