Zurker – Member Owned Social Network: Get Your Shares Now



Zurker - Member Owned Social Network

Do you remember when Facebook went public?  The initial stockholders made millions.  Wouldn’t you have loved to have been in that elite group of first shareholders that reaped the most benefit of the public stock sale?  I would have.  Now in comes Zurker.com – a member owned social network.

Why is this neat or different?  Zurker, being owned by its members, is run democratically and can only introduce new changes and ways to use our information IF a majority of it’s shareholders approve it.  The other thing that is neat is that when Zurker does finally decide to go public it’s first stockholders, members, will hold what they have dispersed of 1, 000,000 vShares.  Currently, the vShare does not have a monetary value, but holds your right to turn it in for stock once the company goes public.

Functioning in this way also allows Zurker to minimize their cost for acquiring new members.  This means less advertising because it is in the members best interests to recruit new members.  I am a member and am very interested to see how this will compare to Facebook and Google+.  The prospect of vShares and a democratic change process is very appealing.

Zurker entered private beta in January 2012 and can only be joined via private invitation.  So unless you have an invitation link you can’t join.  That is until. . . NOW.  Click on the link and you will have the opportunity to join the Internet’s first Member Owned Social Network – Zurker.com.  Won’t you join me?


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