3 Reasons Facebook Promotion Guidelines Aren't Followed

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Learn why Facebook promotion guidelines are constantly being broken and why it appears nothing is being done about it.

Lucero De La Tierra‘s insight:

Since December of last year that I started participating in promoting blog giveaways the subject of promotion guidelines in social media has been on my mind.  About a month ago I received an email from the owner/moderator of Mom Blog Society about a message that one of their members received from Facebook informing them their fan page had been banned.  Why?  According to Facebook their online promotions asking for likes of multiple FB fan pages on one html page was considered a link farm and in violation of FB terms.  


More recently one of my favorite giveaway sites, GiveawayPromote.com, had their FB fan page taken down for a similar reason.  The supposed infraction was that the promotions were being entered by spam accounts and thus were in violation of the FB terms of service.  She went from over 20,000 likes to nothing in one morning.  Her new FB page is up to over 900 as of this afternoon and she is trying to make sure her promotions and those she promotes on her website are in compliance with the FB TOS.  Fact of the matter is you cannot control who likes your page.  


As a blogger who participates and also creates promotions for my fans and readers to enter I reach out to you.  I ask that you be honest in the way you enter the giveaways.  Please do not create multiple FB accounts just so you can garner more entries.  Not only is this unfair to other entrants BUT in the long run you could be diminishing your overall chances of having prizes to win in the first place.  Why?  Because like what happened to Giveaway Promote we, the bloggers, could have our fan pages banned, removed and have to start over from scratch.  If that continues to be the case we will have to take our promotional strategy elsewhere.  We want to bring you new, neat and incredible prizes, but we can’t do that if we can’t all play fair.  

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