Recent Release: Official Specs of Samsung Galaxy S4

My brother sent me the link to this video by Zone of Tech about the Samsung Galaxy S4 official specs released at an unveiling event and I just had to share.  I’ve been looking for a new phone and I think I have a new mobile tech crush on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

After seeing this video for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and all the included specs and new features, uh, I WANT ONE (just can’t afford one :-(; 😉 😉 @SamsungMobileUS).  Check out this video and let me know what you think.

If you don’t have time to watch this video right now, please, bookmark it. Make sure to hold on to your seats when you watch because the specs might just knock you off your chair.

In brief summary, here are the top specs I made note of that Zone Of Tech discusses in his video:

  • S4 is identical to the S3 in looks, but comes in only black and white (no blue this time)
  • 2g lighter than S3 coming in at 130g – it’s very thin
  • 4G LTE support
  • Supports CAD3
  • 100/50 mbps on 4G
  • WiFi a/b/g/n/ac support; ac is currently the fastest WIFI available
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Infrared sensor – can control your TV ~ any TV even CRT displays
  • 5″ full HD AMOLED screen 441 ppi (iPhone 5 has 326 ppi and you can’t distinguish pixels so this will be even that much clearer)
  • Cameras: 13MP rear facing and 2MP forward facing
  • 2GB RAM
  • Internal Storage Configurations: 16/32/64 GB with support for up to 64 GB microSD card (16 GB option = less expensive device)
  • Most sensors of any device on the market
    • Accelerometer
    • RGB Light Sensor
    • Digital Compass
    • Proximity
    • Gyro
    • Barometer
    • PLUS –>
      • Temperature and Humidity
      • IR Gesture
  • 2600 mah Battery (twice the capacity of my current HTC Incredible)
  • Unique Features:
    • Dual Camera (software feature)
      • Using dual camera you can record video using the front and rear camera at the same time so that the cameraman is not left out of the action.
    • Sound & Shot
      • Take a picture and record a 3 second sound bite with it
    • Eraser
      • S4 can take up to 100 photos per second so if someone walks through your photo op you can touch the image of that person and instantly erase them from the frame without losing background
    • S Translator
      • Visiting a foreign country where you don’t speak the language?  Don’t fret, let the Galaxy S4 do the talking and writing for you.  Need to ask a native a question just speak it to the phone in your language and the S-Translator will automatically translate your spoken phrase into any language.  Have your helper speak into the phone and their answer is translated into your native tongue.
    • Adapt Display
      • Adjusts the contrast and brightness of your screen automatically based on current lighting conditions and the app you are using to help prevent eye fatigue.
    • HomeSync
      • This is one of my favorite features.  Automatically transfer the contents of the Galaxy S4 to your PC and back.  Also Samsung provides 1TB of Cloud storage to use with HomeSync.  Puts Apple’s 5GB to shame.
    • Air View
      • Dirty, wet or greasy hands can now use the touch screen without touching it.  Hover your finger 1cm above the screen and the S4 will auto detect your movement and accept your input.
    • SmartScroll
      • Never lose your place again.  SmartScroll senses your eye movement and knows when to scroll up to allow you to see the rest of the content on the page.

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