MHO Monday Mingle: Questions About Luck

MHO Monday Mingle #7


Welcome back to the Monday Mingle!
This Week’s Theme: LUCK

1.  Do you believe in luck? Why or why not?

No.   Hard work and determination are what makes the world go round.  Just as King Solomon recorded in Ecclesiastes 9:11, “time and unforeseen occurrence befall (us) all,” for the good or for the bad.  Neither do I believe in predestination.2.  Do you or have you ever had any good luck charms?
Nope, none of any kind.  I believe that good luck charms are a form of idol.  Thus putting your trust in such a thing is a form of idolatry and completely against what I’ve learned from the Bible about what God requires from us as far a pure worship to Him in spirit and truth – not via idols.

3.  Does your Significant Other have a lucky charm? What is it?

No. We share the same beliefs as far as luck and what constitutes an idol.

4.  Where do you think the word Luck originated from? Just guess if you don’t know

Luck has it’s origins in pagan religious belief.

[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”100%” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]GOD OF GOOD LUCK, GOD OF DESTINY

The apostate Jews in the time of Isaiah were involved in worshiping “the god of Good Luck” (Heb., gadh) and “the god of Destiny” (Heb., meni′). The worshipers of these deities set a table of food and drink before them. Jehovah said to such worshipers that he would destine them to slaughter by the sword.—Isa 65:11, 12. The Assyrians and Babylonians frequently prepared food and drink for their gods. People in Haran made vows and hoped to be accepted by the “Lord of Luck.” In his comment on Isaiah 65:11, Jerome wrote that “in all cities, and especially in Egypt and Alexandria, there was an ancient idolatrous custom, that on the last day of the final month of their year they would spread a table covered with various kinds of foods, and a cup mixed with sweet wine, ensuring good luck for the fertility either of the past or the coming year.”—Corpus Christianorum, Series Latina, LXXIII A, S. Hieronymi presbyteri opera, Pars. 1, 2A,Tyrnholt, 1963, p. 754. (source: )[/dropshadowbox]

5.  Do you know of anyone who goes overboard with luck or lucky charms? Please explain!

In my close circle of acquaintances, no.  I know of some people who have amulets, charms or pictures that they touch, rub or talk to in the hopes of getting some luck.

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