Panasonic Lumix GF6 Photos and Specs Leaked by Review Site

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Panasonic had quite a leaky day today. New details of its upcoming GF6 Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera hit the Interwebs via separate sources, givi.

Lucero D‘s insight:

Leaks or no leaks it’s always good to find out new information about useful new technology.  As a blogger I am understanding just how important having a decent camera is.  People like to see personal fotos not just stock images of product that you’ve never seen in person.  


The thought of purchasing a high quality camera can be daunting.  The returns on your purchase can be significant though if the snapshots you take will ad value to your blog, business or printed publications.  Anymore it seems that a simple point-and-shoot camera is not enough to get the quality of photography expected by today’s blog reader.  


So, if you are a serious photographer or a writer who needs some high quality images to accompany your work take a look at the new info coming out about the Panasonic Lumix GF6.  It may just be the camera you need.  It’s not exactly cheap with a price point nearing $700.

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